International Journal And Advanced Science And Technology, Vol. 29 (6), Juni 2020

Manage Flood Risk With The Digital Instruments, Community And Officers Participation
M Ali Musri S, Saiful Anwar Matondang
1 Universitas Pembinaan Masyarakat Indonesia
2 Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara


Flood hydrology is a phenomenon that occurs due to insufficient capacity of the drainage system and environment factors. This survey research was conducted in Medan Municipality to seek the human interaction with digital instruments and participation of community and local government officers to control flood. With survey and observation, it found local government has connected to the digital instruments of National Board of Meteorology and Geopgysics and local systems to dectect the rainfall and flood. The problems that resulted in from the buiding development with concrete has made the flooding appears when heavy rain 2-3 hours in urban areas of Medan Municipal. Digital tools have helped the mitigation and public policy. Additionally, it can be said that 77.7% variation in the dependent variable includes the mitigation of floods, community participation, institutional coordination, the risk of flooding, and land use, thus other comprises 23.3 %. But the problems are coming from the volume of incoming water has the higher size than the absorbed capacity of the soil due to uncontrolled building construction with the small tunnels to flow the water and the illegal buildings near the streams.

Keywords: digital; participation; officers; community; flood control

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Slum Settlements problem in developing sustainability of the city of Medan
M Ali Musri S
Universitas Pembinaan Masyarakat Indonesia

Making a health living environment in a city is a challenge for city planners. This study was conducted to collect the data of slum settlement problem in Medan City of Indonesia. A survey method was applied to seek the data of slum settlement. It was noted that out of 40% of the low-income population, 4,28% of households live in uninhabitable urban environment and 15,52% of households live in uninhabitable rural environment. Data showed that the most rapid increase in population density in the past year is in the areas of Medan Helvetia (110.32 people/Km2), Medan Amplas (143.27 people/Km2) and Medan Timur (72.65 People/Km2). These three areas have a great opportunity to generate some illegal settlements and make them slum areas. As a result, it makes the Medan City could not provide the inadequate infrastructure due to the rising number of people living in slum settlements. It concludes that the City of Medan has been dealing with the problem of slum and squatter settlements.

Keywords: environtemt; problem; settlements; uninhabitable; urban; slum

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Buku Monograf
Manajemen Lingkungan Dalam Pengendalian Banjir
Penerbit : BIRCU Publishing
ISBN : 978-623-94554-0-8
Penulis : M Ali Musri S
Terbit : Agustus 2019

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Buku Monograf
Pemukiman Kumuh Dalam Penataan Manajemen Lingkungan Kota
Penerbit : BIRCU Publishing
ISBN : 978-623-68930-0-5
Penulis : M Ali Musri S
Terbit : November 2020

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Ketua        : Dr. M. Ali Musri S, M.Si NIDN: 0025025705
Anggota 1 : Mahyudin Situmeang, S.Sos., M.Si NIDN: 0103016701
Anggota 2 : Ahmad Karim, S.E., M.M NIDN : 0125117302

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